Regrettably, all breakfast seminars of the Australian Chapter of the Anglo-Australasian Lawyers Society (AALS) scheduled for the first half of the year have had to be cancelled, given both the present public health concerns and uncertainties regarding COVID-19 and its potential spread, and the Australian Government's current advice in that regard in relation to public gatherings. 

The Society apologises for any inconvenience that this decision may have caused its members.

Seminars will resume later this year, as soon as the current difficulties and concerns have abated.

Members will be advised as soon arrangements can be made for the resumption of our breakfast seminars.

Forthcoming Breakfasts (to be advised) 


The Anglo-Australasian Lawyers ​​Society​​​ ​(Australian Chapter) Inc (ABN 90 448 300 248) is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to enhance the existing links between the legal professions of Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom by providing a forum for discussion of issues of mutual interest with distinguished speakers.

The Society’s UK Chapter comprises UK lawyers with an interest in our region and Australian and New Zealand lawyers in the UK.  It provides members with the opportunity to further develop professional relationships and exchange ideas.

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